Sunday, April 22, 2012

Learning The Process of Writing a Book from an Expert!

     Students are very excited to begin their individual research reports on animals.   There are many steps we will be going through to create our reports.  I thought it would be great to hear from an expert on the process of writing before we get started!
     On Friday we had the opportunity to Skype with Mr. Jerry Blumengarten, otherwise known as Cybraryman, about the process that he used while writing several books.  Students were engaged and responsive to all of the information that Mr. Blumengarten shared with us about his process of writing a cartoon booklet about energy.  He also shared pictures of the stages of creating the cartoon book from start to finish using Mixbook.  Students really enjoyed examining the pictures, while also interacting with Mr. Blumengarten about the stages of the book. We also learned a few new vocabulary words along the way!    Thank you Cybraryman for a wonderful learning opportunity!  It is definitely a day the students will not forget!

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Mrs. Shepherd said...

What a great experience for your students! We are also looking forward to our animal research projects, but after our much needed spring holiday this week.

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