Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mystery Skype with Our New Friends in Texas

     We had the wonderful opportunity to play Mystery Skype with Mrs. Alaniz 's class in Texas today!
Students learned so much about the great state of Texas!   Some of the clues they shared with us were :
1) They are southwest of Maine
2) Their state flower is the blue bonnet.
3)  One of their main industries is oil.
4) They are along the gulf coast.
5)  They have 4 regions in their state.
6) Austin is their state capital.
Students were very busy trying to solve the clues!

Thank you so much Mrs. Alaniz for skyping with us today!  We look forward to connecting with your class again soon!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Properties of Matter

  Today we watched a video about the properties of matter.  Do you know the difference between weight and mass?  What does density have to do with the properties of matter?  How do we measure mass?  Take this quiz to see if you understand matter, weight, mass, volume and density!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Fantasy Projects

Students were very busy working on their group fantasy projects. We had puppet shows, a play, a Voicethread, and a couple of power points created to represent the fantasy story they read in class.  Take a look at our talented and creative crew!  I will continue to add as each becomes available!

George's Marvelous Medicine

Pirates Past Noon


The Witches

Mystery Skype With Our New Friends in Utah

Today we had the opportunity to Mystery Skype with Mr. Horan's class in Utah. Each class took turns sharing clues about their location. We found out many interesting facts about Utah today!  Mystery Skype has been a wonderful activity to help us learn more about the geography of the United States! 

Our mystery solvers were using maps to solve the clues!
Mr. Horan's class provided wonderful clues!

We also used Google Earth to help us find the mystery location.
Mr. Horan's class also asked us a few questions to learn more about our state!  They asked some great questions!
We provided 8 questions about our state.  They were able to solve our mystery location!
Thank you Mr. Horan's class for an amazing skype!

We found out so many interesting things about Utah! Some of the things we learned  were:
1.  Mining is very big.
2.  The 2002 Olympics was held there.
3. They have one of the biggest lakes.
4.  Their state animal is the deer.
5. It used to be hard to cross from east to west.
6.  They have six corners.
7. Steve Young is from their state.

Thank you for making learning fun!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Two Amazing Books.. Is there another book after the Lemonade Crime?

    Nothing gives a teacher more joy than hearing that the students want more when the book is finished!  It began after reading The Lemonade War.   Students wanted to read the next story, The Lemonade Crime!  Now that we have finished both stories, they want to see if the author, Jacqueline Davies,  has any other ideas for another book about Evan and Jessies adventures with lemonade.  Check out this site to find out more information about the author and how you can have the opportunity to finish one of her stories! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Authors of Fantasy

I hope you are enjoying your fantasy novels!  Are you curious to learn more about the author as well as other stories that he/she has written?  Take a look at these websites to learn more!

The Witches, George's Marvelous Medicine, and  The BFG  byRoald Dahl- 

Charlotte's Web by E.B. White-

Pirates Past Noon by Mary Pope Osbourne

Ghostville Elementary by Debbie Dadey-

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The States of Matter Song

  We began our unit on States of Matter today!  This tune definitely helps us understand the differences between the states of matter! It's very catchy- you might be singing the states of matter all day!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Place Value Rap

Right now we are studying place value in mathematics. Want a catchy tune to help you remember? Take a look at this song performed by 4th graders!

Physical and Human Characteristics of the United States

Our students have been doing a tremendous job differentiating between physical and human characteristics of the United States.  Here are a few sites that provide enrichment opportunities about our Social Studies topics!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Very First Mystery Skype this Year with Our New Friends in Ohio!


The students were so excited to begin learning about the geography of the United States interactively through Mystery Skype!   The students were each assigned roles during our Skype to maximize  involvement!  Some of the roles included  clue givers, clue solvers, photographers, videographer, bloggers, and question creators.  We wanted everyone to be a part of this wonderful learning experience!
    We took turns with Miss Lacrosse's class in Ohio to share our clues about where we live. Once we were finished giving the clues, the mystery solvers solved the clues!   We also had the opportunity to discuss a few other questions, such as our favorite Cedar Point rides, since our Skype partners live so close to it!  We also had the opportunity to see the amazing flash mob photosynthesis chant/dance that  Miss Lacrosse's class shared with  their school.
 Thank you Miss Lacrosse for an amazing experience!

 The clue solvers were busy studying the atlas to discover the mystery state!

 Students from Miss Lacrosse's class shared some amazing clues!

 We shared seven clues about our wonderful state!

It is so nice to learn and connect with other classes using Skype!
They were all so excited to share with the class!

    We look forward to connecting with the class again at the end of the month to share a few things we are doing in science!   Connecting and collaborating with other students can be very powerful!
Welcome to our place to explore, learn, connect and create!