Saturday, November 19, 2011

We Have Many New Friends In Nebraska!

This week we had the opportunity to meet two new classes from Nebraska via Mystery Skype this week!  On Tuesday we had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Geldes class.  They shared some amazing clues about Nebraska. Some of the clues included:

1.  Gerald Ford is from their state.
2. They have very cold winters and hot summers.
3.  Their state has the world's largest indoor rainforest.
4. A tourist attraction in their state is Chimney Rock.

We were very busy in our own roles of the mystery skype.  We had students blogging and solving the clues that they gave us.  We also gave clues about our state.

We solved the Mystery state!

   When I told them that they would be skyping again, they began immediately marking off all of the states they have skyped with prior!  I totally suprised them when we skyped Nebraska again!  I wanted to see just how many would catch on to some of the clues!  It was so great to see their eyes when we received some familar clues!  It is so amazing to see that the students are learning and remembering all of these wonderful clues that were shared during Mystery Skype. We want to thank Mr. Sims class from Nebraska!  They did an excellent job!  Some of the clues they shared were:

1. They have a population of  1.8 million.
2 They do not have any professional sports.
3. The Mississippi River runs through their state.
4. Their state borders Iowa and Kansas.
5.  The capital of their state is Lincoln.

Both classes did a tremendous job sharing and solving the clues!

We look forward to connecting with Mrs. Geldes class and Mr. Sims class in the future!  Thank you for making learning about the United States so much fun!

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