Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thank You to our Friends in Massachusetts for a Wonderful Mystery Skype!

    Today we had the opportunity to play Mystery Skype with Mrs. Caroll's class in Massachusetts.  We were so impressed with their detailed clues!  The students learned so much about the state.  Our bloggers were very busy recording the clues, while our mystery solvers were using the atlas to solve the clues.  We also had students on Google Earth to help locate our mystery state.  Some of the things they learned were:
  1. They border Rhode Island,New York,Vermont,and  New Hampshire.
  2. They swim in the Atlantic ocean.
  3. They can get thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes.
  4. They are the 6th smallest state .
  5. They have cold winters and hot summers.  They have a record temperature 107.
  6. Fishing is popular.
  7. Paul Revere was famous about his midnight ride there.
  8. In their state you can take a ride on the Freedom Trail.
We also gave some great clues about our state also.  Both classes were amazing today!  I am so impressed with their passion towards learning!

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