Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Fun With Long Division

                                               photo by starkravingcello

" D M S B!"

Do you know the best song out there that we have been studying in class?  "D M S B !"  Don't forget that you can still see it anytime you want on this blog.  Now that you are getting used to the process of long division, I want you to practice with some new games! Enjoy!


Mrs. Schmidt said...

We are just beginning long division this week so we'd love to hear that DMSB song. Can you maybe record it and post it in Edmodo? We did that with our times tables songs. I always help them to remember it using this sentence - Does McDonald's sell cheese (stands for check for other numbers) burgers?

Mrs. Schmidt said...

Sorry, I found your post on the long division song. All I needed to do was scroll down a bit:) I can't wait to share it with my students this week. Thanks! I hope you don't mind that I also posted your Edmodo for parents on my blog too. It is so nice to share ideas.

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