Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog with students – Visit these Weeks 3/4

Congratulations! Our class blogs have been mentioned in the new bloggers section of this post by Miss W. for the Teacher Challenge! Keep up the great work!
Blog with students – Visit these Weeks 3/4: "

More blog posts to read relating to blogging with student activities. As many of the activities relate to actually doing something with a class blog, there have not been as many reflective type posts.

Creating and using class and student blogs

Kathleen, Janelle, Malyn, Anne,


Google docs – Mrs Krebs, Widgets and bling – Penny,

New bloggers

Drawn to Art, Ms Z, Ellen and students, Charles, Mrs Powell and students, Deb and her students, Mike, Heather and her students, Ben and PE, Miss Goodey and students, Ale – student of Ellen,

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