Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Creating Stories on the African Dwarf Frog with Storybird

Over the past month, students have had the opportunity to observe the structural and behavioral characteristics of the African Dwarf frog. Using their observations that they recorded in a journal, students used this information to create a story on Storybird. The stories are very creative! We will be publishing the stories on the Student Projects Page for all to read! The big leap to meet friends on Storybird
About Joe an African Dwarf Frog. on Storybird
The Story of an African Dwarf Frog named Noah. on Storybird

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Anonymous said...

My class just looked at your Storybird books. They are so cool, and we want to make some ourselves! You had so many pretty pictures in the books. Thank you for sharing these books with us on your blog. Your class is amazing and we'll check back to see if you write any more stories.

Miss Tripp's Science class

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