Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mobile Learning

    As our days pass by quickly in the classroom, one thing that I hope will not stop on our last day of school is mobile learning.  The past month we have been using our iPad quite often in the classroom to learn together with the help of the new Appletv for all to see.  We have found so many apps that integrate into our classroom curriculum, and provides another great learning opportunity for them to use at home on their own mobile device.
   Right now we are busy researching our animals for our science unit.  Students have used apps such as World Book's World of Animals and Amazing Creatures to get more information about their particular animal.  This week we have been learning about adaptations of animals.  Students will be working on Animal Creator to create their own animals on this app and share the adaptations that this animal uses in order to survive in a designated habitat.
  During our math time,  students take turns each day reinforcing their skills in fractions by playing  Oh No! Fractions, Fraction Monkey,  and Fractions.Smart Pirate.   Students are also sharing how they have downloaded the apps at home on their mobile devices to continue practicing their math skills.
   We have also used the iPad in other areas of our curriculum throughout the year.  Some of the student favorites this year have been Stack the States , Edmodo, and Word Sort by Grammaropolis.
   I hope by the end of the year students will have a variety of applications that they will continue to use over the summer to learn and grow!  

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Mrs. Shepherd said...

Love all these apps that you mentioned. I will be downloaded them tomorrow. Awesome, thanks!

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