Monday, December 19, 2011

New Friends in Washington and South Carolina=Powerful Learning Opportunities

   Last week was filled with many new friends and learning opportunities!  We started the week off with a mystery skype with Mrs. Hembree's 4th grade class in Washington. It was wonderful to hear learn more about their state- including the "sleeping giants".
Students using Google Earth to solve the clues

We figured out the state!
Thank you Mrs. Hembree's class for making learning so much fun!

    We also had a great time meeting with Mrs. Tripp's math class in South Carolina.  It was great extending our "Twelve Days of Christmas" math activity with another class! Not only did we take turns sharing information about our curriculum and projects with each other- but we also had the chance to celebrate the holidays by singing the Twelve Days of Christmas together!  We hope to collaborate on another project in the future!
Owly Images
Mrs. Tripp's Class and Mrs. Powell's class
We also caught up with some friends in Ohio when Mrs. Lacrosse's class shared some meteorite samples that were on loan from NASA. They shared some interesting information about space. We will be learning more about space in March.

    It is so exciting to make connections and extensions with our learning!  We look forward to a new year filled with many more learning adventures!


Mrs. Hembree said...

Dear Mrs. Powell's Class,
I enjoyed reading your post about our Skyping session! We had such a great time learning about Michigan too!
Unfortunately, time ran away and I haven't had a chance to blog about our experience. I need to take some time with my family now. However, please know that we really had a great time! Perhaps we can collaborate again in the future, when we are not so busy with holidays!
Enjoy your holiday season!
Mrs. Hembree

Anonymous said...

I remember when I did stuff like this.
lacie h.

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