Monday, October 24, 2011

Mystery Skype With Our New Friends in Utah

Today we had the opportunity to Mystery Skype with Mr. Horan's class in Utah. Each class took turns sharing clues about their location. We found out many interesting facts about Utah today!  Mystery Skype has been a wonderful activity to help us learn more about the geography of the United States! 

Our mystery solvers were using maps to solve the clues!
Mr. Horan's class provided wonderful clues!

We also used Google Earth to help us find the mystery location.
Mr. Horan's class also asked us a few questions to learn more about our state!  They asked some great questions!
We provided 8 questions about our state.  They were able to solve our mystery location!
Thank you Mr. Horan's class for an amazing skype!

We found out so many interesting things about Utah! Some of the things we learned  were:
1.  Mining is very big.
2.  The 2002 Olympics was held there.
3. They have one of the biggest lakes.
4.  Their state animal is the deer.
5. It used to be hard to cross from east to west.
6.  They have six corners.
7. Steve Young is from their state.

Thank you for making learning fun!

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