Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Very First Mystery Skype this Year with Our New Friends in Ohio!


The students were so excited to begin learning about the geography of the United States interactively through Mystery Skype!   The students were each assigned roles during our Skype to maximize  involvement!  Some of the roles included  clue givers, clue solvers, photographers, videographer, bloggers, and question creators.  We wanted everyone to be a part of this wonderful learning experience!
    We took turns with Miss Lacrosse's class in Ohio to share our clues about where we live. Once we were finished giving the clues, the mystery solvers solved the clues!   We also had the opportunity to discuss a few other questions, such as our favorite Cedar Point rides, since our Skype partners live so close to it!  We also had the opportunity to see the amazing flash mob photosynthesis chant/dance that  Miss Lacrosse's class shared with  their school.
 Thank you Miss Lacrosse for an amazing experience!

 The clue solvers were busy studying the atlas to discover the mystery state!

 Students from Miss Lacrosse's class shared some amazing clues!

 We shared seven clues about our wonderful state!

It is so nice to learn and connect with other classes using Skype!
They were all so excited to share with the class!

    We look forward to connecting with the class again at the end of the month to share a few things we are doing in science!   Connecting and collaborating with other students can be very powerful!


Anonymous said...

Mrs.Powell, you wre right. the class did have a wonderfull time doing the skype. i especily did. I know that we will skype many more times to many more great classes.

From, Megan

Unknown said...

I am so glad that you enjoyed the Skype! Looking forward to connecting and collaborating with other classes! Learning can be so much fun!

Stephen Wolfe said...

Mrs. Powell,

What fun! Someone needs to tell us more about this so they can try it too!

Stephen Wolfe

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